The Goonies: A Guide to the Movie’s Iconic Locations

The Goonies, a film that struck a chord with audiences in 1985, is widely known for its popular filming locations. Directed by Richard Donner and produced by Steven Spielberg, this classic film was primarily filmed in Astoria, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. This guide will touch on specific filming locations, the cast involved, and some interesting behind-the-scenes facts.

Astoria, Oregon: The Core of “The Goonies”

Astoria, Oregon, is the central location for The Goonies, providing the perfect backdrop for the popular kids’ treasure-hunting adventure.

Mikey’s House – 368 38th Street, Astoria

The Walsh family home, where the adventure begins with the discovery of One-Eyed Willy’s treasure map, is located at 368 38th Street in Astoria. This house has become a hugely popular location for fans to visit to this day.

Old Clatsop County Jail – 732 Duane Street, Astoria

The opening scene with the Fratelli gang’s jailbreak was shot at the Old Clatsop County Jail, now home to the Oregon Film Museum is located at 732 Duane Street, Astoria. The museum is a tribute to films made in Oregon, with a special focus on The Goonies.

Flavel House Museum – 714 Exchange St, Astoria

The Flavel House Museum, where Mikey’s dad works in the film, is another Astoria landmark featured. This historic house is located at 714 Exchange St, Astoria.

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The Oregon Coast: A Scenic Setting

The rugged and picturesque Oregon Coast plays a significant role in the movie, providing stunning backdrops for key scenes in the film.

Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock – Cannon Beach, Oregon

The kids aligning Haystack Rock with the treasure map is a famous scene shot at Cannon Beach, Oregon. The rock is a prominent and well-known landmark on the Oregon Coast.

The Rock
Ecola State Park and Indian Beach – Cannon Beach, Oregon

Ecola State Park and Indian Beach near Cannon Beach served as the location for the Fratelli hideout.

Cauldron Point – Near Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cauldron Point, close to Cannon Beach, is where their encounter with the villainous Fratelli family, played by Anne Ramsey, Robert Davi, and Joe Pantolianotakes, takes place. The area’s rugged terrain enhances the sense of danger.

Beyond Astoria: Other Key Locations

Goat Rock Beach – Sonoma County, California

The film’s final scene was shot at Goat Rock Beach in Sonoma County, California. The beach’s beautiful setting and sunset is a fitting end to the Goonies’ journey.

Goat Rock Beach, Sonoma, CA.
Lower Columbia Bowl – 826 Marine Dr, Astoria

The Lower Columbia Bowl, where Chunk witnesses the Fratelli’s police chase, is located at 826 Marine Dr, Astoria. This bowling alley sets the stage for the film’s opening chase sequence, where Chunk smears pizza on the window and spills his milkshake.

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John Warren Field – Astoria, Oregon

John Warren Field in Astoria is another key filming location, which is the neighborhood where the kids gather and hang out.


  • The unpredictable Oregon weather posed challenges, often causing delays in the shooting schedule.
  • The camaraderie among the young cast, including Corey Feldman, Ke Huy Quan, and Martha Plimpton, was genuine, as they formed a real-life friendship during shooting and became super close.
  • Astoria celebrates its association with The Goonies, and takes pride in hosting fan events and tours throughout the year.

The Goonies filming locations in and around the Pacific Northwest, play a crucial role in creating the film’s magic and nostalgia. From the iconic house on 38th Street to the stunning beaches of the Oregon Coast, these sites help fans feel a real and lasting connection to the film. Visiting these locations is a must for Goonies fans and a great way to experience the scenic beauty of Oregon!