Behind Tom Cruise’s Insane ‘Rogue Nation’ Airplane Stunt

Tom Cruise, known for executing his own stunts, once again pushed boundaries in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, the fifth mission for Ethan Hunt. In an era when green screen and CGI dominates cinema, Cruise’s decision to perform the heart-stopping airplane stunt was admirable. Let’s dive deeper into the famous Tom Cruise airplane stunt and how it was shot and check out the crazy behind the scenes footage below:

From Top Gun to Rogue Nation

Many recall the days of Top Gun, where Cruise made a name for himself flying the skies in a fighter jet. However, it was in Rogue Nation that he defied gravity. While the Mission Impossible movies are known for its stunts, this particular stunt took things to a whole new level.

Behind the Scenes of the Tom Cruise Plane Stunt

For this particular scene, Cruise clung to the side of a massive Airbus as it took off. You might assume this was shot using a green screen, but in reality, it was Cruise himself attached to the wing at take-off.

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The film’s director Christopher McQuarrie, made sure every safety measure was in place. Under the watchful eye of a stunt coordinator and an experienced crew, Tom was secured with a full-body harness. This safety harness was concealed beneath his attire, ensuring the intensity of the moment was captured by the filmmakers without any visual distractions.

Tom Cruise behind the scenes of Rogue Nation.

A specialized aluminum truss was also constructed to securely hold the camera. And to protect the actor’s eyes from the rushing wind and debris, special contact lenses were made.

But why would an actor risk so much when a green screen might suffice? The answer is, it’s Tom Cruise. When the clip was unveiled at CinemaCon, the audience was left speechless.

Comparing Rogue Nation to Past Mission Impossible Films

The airplane scene in Rogue Nation wasn’t the first time Cruise attempted a death-defying stunt. In Ghost Protocol, he scaled the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in Dubai. This was yet another insane sequence. No wires, no CGI – just a dangling Cruise, 130 floors high. See the terrifying behind the scenes footage of the Burj Khalifa stunt here.

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Tom Cruise hangs from the Burj Khalifia in Dubai, in Ghost Protocol.

Tidbits from the Cast

Simon Pegg, a regular in the Mission Impossible franchise, expressed his amazement at Cruise’s dedication. Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, and Hayley Atwell also shared behind-the-scenes video clips on their social media platforms. Fans eagerly awaited the release of Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, which hit theaters in July, wondering if Cruise would attempt to top the airplane and Dubai stunts.

Beyond Rogue Nation

Apart from Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise piloted his own biplane during the shooting of a PSA in April, while flying over Blyde River Canyon in South Africa.

From Top Gun to Rogue Nation, Cruise signifies the golden age of cinema, where real stunts beat digital effects. As audiences are once again hitting theaters for Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning, one thing remains clear: Cruise’s commitment to authenticity remains unmatched.