The Awesomeness Of Tom Hardy’s Bane

It’s clear that Batman fans were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, hoping for the imposing, venom-infused Latino man they were familiar with from the comics. However, when the film was released, audiences were introduced to a very different version of the character, portrayed by Tom Hardy.

Regardless of how viewers felt about Hardy’s performance as Bane, it’s undeniable that his portrayal left a lasting impact on the Dark Knight Trilogy. In this article, we will explore the many reasons why Hardy’s take on the character deserves recognition and praise.

The Painful Consequences of the Weight Gain

Tom Hardy was not initially physically prepared for the role of Bane, so he had to undergo a rigorous transformation to achieve the imposing appearance of the comic book character. He started the process by going to the gym three times a day; several months of training.

However, unlike some actors who follow strict diets, Hardy took a different approach. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, the actor revealed that he “ate lots of pizza” while working out. Instead of limiting his calorie intake, Hardy wanted to bulk up in the quickest way possible, and pizza was apparently part of his plan.

This transformation came with a significant cost, as Hardy has mentioned that gaining that much weight in a short amount of time caused permanent damage to his joints, making everyday tasks difficult for him. Despite the painful consequences of his weight gain, Hardy’s hard work and dedication paid off in accomplishing the look of a massive brute capable of taking on Batman.

Tom’s Height Presented Challenges in Playing Bane

Playing the role of Bane posed unique challenges for Tom Hardy, as he not only had to alter his physical appearance but also his height. Standing at 5’9″, Hardy did not possess the intimidating stature necessary to portray Bane convincingly, especially when going up against Christian Bale’s six-foot Batman.

To address this height discrepancy, the filmmakers used a combination of low-angle shots and platform shoes to give Hardy the appearance of being taller. His thick wedged shoes, which were not always visible on screen, provided at least three extra inches in height, allowing him to tower over his opponents just enough to seem more imposing.

Concealing Hardy’s Tattoos

While it is common for actors to have tattoos that can be covered up with makeup, Christopher Nolan had to take more extreme measures to conceal Tom Hardy’s 30 tattoos for his role as Bane. Hardy’s tattoos span from his arms to his chest, and since Bane is sometimes shown wearing only a vest or going shirtless, his tattoos had to be hidden during filming.

Rather than relying on traditional makeup techniques like foundation and concealer, the filmmakers utilized CGI to completely camouflage Hardy’s tattooed body, ensuring that Bane’s menacing appearance was not compromised in any way.

Bane’s Voice

The accent used by Tom Hardy to portray Bane in The Dark Knight Rises has generated numerous discussions among fans of the film. Whether considered hauntingly effective or somewhat strange, Hardy’s distinct vocal performance stands out, particularly given that his natural voice sounds nothing like Bane’s.

In explaining the inspiration behind his character’s accent, Hardy has revealed that it was based on the real-life voice of Bartley Gorman( the King of the Gypsies ), an Irish traveler and former bare-knuckle fighter who retired from the sport in the early 1990s and passed away in 2002. Through Hardy’s performance, Gorman’s unique tone of voice has been immortalized in the DC universe, along with his reputation as an accomplished athlete.

Re-recorded Lines

During the screening of The Dark Knight Rises for test audiences, Christopher Nolan realized that viewers were having a hard time understanding much of what Tom Hardy was saying as Bane. This was due to the fact that Bane’s mask muffled Hardy’s thick accent, making his dialogue difficult to discern.

As a result, the filmmakers had to go back to the drawing board, and Hardy had to re-record most of his lines as Bane in a controlled studio setting using Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) technology. The end result is that in most parts of the film, viewers are hearing Tom Hardy’s voice added over his past performance, ensuring that audiences could fully understand Bane’s menacing dialogue.

Uncovering the Origin of Bane’s Mask

While The Dark Knight Rises offers various perspectives on the origins of Bane, the film leaves the origin of his iconic mask a mystery. The audience is left to speculate on how Bane acquired the mask, with the only explanation being a presumption that he may have undergone a sketchy surgical procedure while being imprisoned underground. It would have been intriguing to witness Bane’s first interaction with the mask and whether he created it himself or had someone construct it for him in prison.

As the mask plays a significant role in Bane’s character and appearance, its origin could have added a layer of depth and interest to the character’s story. Perhaps the mystery of the mask’s origin was intentionally left unresolved to add to Bane’s enigmatic persona.

Nonetheless, it remains a topic of interest among fans and leaves room for speculation and interpretation. Regardless of the reason, Bane’s mask continues to be an iconic and defining aspect of the character, adding to the overall intrigue and allure of one of Batman’s most formidable foes.

Despite not fitting the physical mold of the comic book character initially, Hardy’s dedication to transforming himself into a massive brute added to the authenticity of his performance. From his accent to his vocal delivery, Hardy’s interpretation of the character was both unique and effective. Moreover, the challenges he faced in bringing Bane to life, such as the need to hide his tattoos and re-record his dialogue, are a testament to his commitment to the role. Overall, Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Bane is a noteworthy contribution to the Batman franchise and stands as a testament to his skill as an actor.

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